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  • Erica Ponder

‘He’s About to Make You Laugh…’: Cora Jakes-Coleman Gives Unforgettable Message

By: Erica M. Ponder

Cora Jakes-Coleman, the daughter of pastor and author T.D. Jakes, gave an unforgettable message as she preached about God’s unfailing hand through the standpoint and story of Sarah and Abraham. Some questions that Jakes-Coleman brought to mind are what are your “Hagars,” or Plan B’s that you choose because you are afraid that God won’t fulfill His promises?  What causes us to not want to stand in faith when God’s word always withstands the tests of time? Cora reminds us that we should never be so thirsty for position that we forget the very power that God places on the inside of us.

Understand that your inheritance is not always based who you are– It is based on who you are connected to. Understand the risks that happen when you look back and don’t go forward from the things that God is trying to destroy in your life. Everything that God promises us is so much better than anything we could mourn that has left us. If God has promised you a bright future, it is yours. If God has promised to restore a relationship that is important to you, it will happen. We cannot micromanage God. God without our help equals perfection already. Relax, and let God be God.

I hope this message will change your life as it has changed mine.


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