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  • Erica Ponder

R&B Singer Tamia Set to Perform in Houston, Talks About Her Journey in the Music Industry

By: Erica M. Ponder

Houston, get ready for legendary singer and songwriter Tamia! She will be performing at the House of Blues on Sept. 16, showcasing some of the latest singles from her album Love Life. She describes her most recent album as “passionate, romantic, and fun.” The singer further stated that “This album is my sixth project, so hopefully when you listen to it in comparison to my other projects, you’ll just hear growth, vocally, and obviously I’ve grown as a woman, so I think it’s a lot more confidence than the other albums.”


Although Tamia’s journey to stardom is harder to remember as the years go by, she reveals that she started singing when she was very young, and had the opportunity to perform for Canada’s prime minister. From there, she worked with David Foster and got a record deal from Warner Brothers. Although she was very passionate about her gift, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a singer. “I knew that singing was something that I loved to do, and so I was very passionate about it. And whether I was 15 singing at somebody’s wedding and making a couple of bucks, or going to musical theater classes, I loved performing,” she revealed.

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Tamia said that certainly travel and meeting people have been the best parts of her successful, musical journey. “You go to different countries and you’re amazed that people know your music, or know who you are. The world has become so small.”

When it comes to balancing her career and family life, Tamia tries to find a balance between the two. “If you ever find true balance, you try… my family life takes over a lot of times, obviously, and sometimes my work life will take over if I’m in the studio or traveling a lot, but my goal is to find the balance, and certainly if I have to lean toward one, then its family.”

tamia and grant

Tamia says that she finds her inspiration to write music from life. “It could be from conversations I have with friends, or it could be a story that someone told me, but it general, it’s about life and experiences.”

Tamia said that while being in the music industry over the years, she has learned that “I think it’s important that you learn. You know I try to learn as much as I can about the industry, and how it works and keep up with the changing ways of the industry in terms of how people are consuming music now, and staying connected with fans… It’s always going to be about growth and learning. There is always something new to learn… Its just about also growing in your confidence as well, and as a woman, I think I’ve grown over the years.”

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Tamia wants to tell Houston-based fans that plan on attending the show to “please don’t come and think that you can sit down the entire show. I plan on getting you off your feet, and I will for sure sing a ballad you love, but we definitely love to have fun. My band and I go and we have a good time, so a lot of energy, a lot of fun, and a good night out.” She also advised that if for some reason you may not make it to this show.

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