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  • Erica Ponder

Too Blessed to be Stressed

As women, we are known for being the modern-day super hero. We manage our careers, our homes, our families, and just about everything else. What happens when everything becomes too hard to manage? This can become a problem for even the single queens like myself. You put so much pressure on yourself to the point that it hurts, because you want to show everybody that you’ve got it. It’s this type of self-inflicted pressure that causes headaches, panic attacks, the crash and burn affect, and even illness. When do the pressures become enough?

They become enough when coping seems as though it isn’t even an option. Although stress is nearly impossible to prevent, we must manage it by choosing to respond to it in a different way. It is important to understand that if you have no control, that should not be your opportunity to worry. In fact, you must do the very opposite. Once worry and doubt creep in, you can actually find yourself messing up even more.

As women, we love to feel a sense of control. When this is taken from us, we react in negative ways that don’t help the outcome. Sometimes you have to step back and ask yourself, “Is this problem temporary?” If it is (and more than likely it is), then relax! You can only do so much, and so far, you are doing great.

It is important to do activities that contribute to releasing stress. For me, I have found that my stress is typically released when I write about it. Although the situation may not change, it still feels good to release it on paper. A lot of people tend to release stress by working out. It definitely helps by allowing you to burn off that irritation, anger, sadness, or frustration that is associated with stress.

The stress won’t stay away until you make some life changes. Learn to carry a light load when necessary. Although everyone expects us to have it all together, we don’t always have to. We are still human. Take some time to yourself and make sure you are getting the appropriate amount of rest. Remember, if you are no good, they won’t be either. The more you manage your life, the better off the world will be. You mean just that much!

Stressed woman


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