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  • Erica Ponder

Too Much Sauce: Burns Original BBQ launches contest alongside Kroger

HOUSTON (Press Release)— North Houston-based restaurant Burns Original BBQ is known for their finger-licking good BBQ, but the family-owned and operated company has always had BBQ sauce to pair with their award-winning food. In early 2019, Burns partnered with Kroger to have their BBQ sauce in over 30 locations. Since then, Burns has participated in 22 pop-ups throughout Houston and surrounding areas to serve their BBQ to customers in-store. The success of Burns and Kroger’s partnership has led Burns to host an on-going contest for supporters, #TooMuchSauce.

Supporters can now go to one of 30 Kroger locations throughout Houston, find a bottle of Burns Original BBQ sauce and a bottle with their standard black seal can get you one raffle ticket entry. A blue seal will get you two raffle entries, and a red seal will get you four entries into the weekly drawing! You must purchase the bottle(s) of Burns Original BBQ Sauce, then take a picture of your bottle and a picture of your receipt and email it to or text it to 832-525-0572 along with your full name, phone number, social media name (optional), and email address. Prizes will be announced weekly via Burns’ social media platforms.

About Burns Original BBQ:

It all started in 1973 when Roy Burns Sr. started his small, local business venture selling barbecue to the Acres Homes community in Houston. By creating his signature barbecue rub and sauce, he began leaving customers satisfied, causing the lines to grow longer and his business to boom. Now more than 40 years later, Burns Original BBQ has steadily grown it’s customer base and is still creating great food out of the original and still standing building that Roy Burns Sr. started it all in, and the delicious scent of barbecue from our woodsmoke pits still drift in the streets. Being voted as #1 in Houston for barbecue, Burns continues making and serving great barbecue including our signature rib sandwich and loaded baked potato. Though some renovations have been made and there have been some upgrades to the menu, Burns Original BBQ continues to deliver the same great & unique taste and the same great quality service and continues to be a stepping stone for the community as years ago. Our taste remains true to its roots & we ensure the promise that “Great BBQ Lives On.”


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