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  • Erica Ponder

7-year-old Houston actress delivers ice cream to nearly 200 doctors, nurses during COVID-19 pandemic

HOUSTON — Actress London Boyce recently showed her appreciation for those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic with a sweet surprise.

Photo Credit: Andre Kelly Photography

The first-grader, who is also the Houston-based co-owner of Boyce Kids Cream Machine, works closely with her siblings to provide cool treats to the community. She is also the new face of household name Bluebell Ice Cream’s mini sandwiches.

London and her brother TJ Boyce (star of Wayne Brady’s “Comedy IQ,”) recently went to Methodist Hospital in Houston to give a token of appreciation to over 200 nurses, physicians and doctors for their hard work and dedication while fighting the coronavirus pandemic by giving out free ice cream and popsicles.

Photo Credit: Andre Kelly Photography

London said she has a passion for making others smile, so the idea came about when she saw how hard medical staff and first responders have been working to ensure the health and safety of those in the community.

On Friday, May 1, London took it a step further and provided hundreds of staff members at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital with Bluebell mini ice cream sandwiches. She said she plans to continue to provide sweet smiles and tasty treats during the pandemic.

London is also the co-star of Antebellum and the author of “Wonder London I Hate My Curls.”


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