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Beauty, brains, boss: Infinity Med Spa CEO Jessica Hatch talks journey of building her empire and fo

HOUSTON — Beauty, brains, and BOSS— these three things pretty much sum up entrepreneur and business owner Jessica Hatch, the founder and CEO of Infinity Diagnostics and Infinity Med Spa.

Hatch has allowed her love for health and beauty to collide in a successful effort to serve Houstonians with something they can be proud of while bringing awareness to the conditions that affect children every day with her foundation, Hatching for Health.

A graduate of Sam Houston State University, Hatch says the beginning of this journey didn’t always include health care. An athlete by nature, Hatch credits her love for sports for her competitiveness and drive to win. She received a degree in Kinesiology but after graduating, she didn’t know where life would take her, as far as her current industry is concerned. Hatch says she started in the health and wellness sector by selling gym memberships and trainings while balancing her love for modeling and acting. Hatch moved to Los Angeles at the age of 26 in order to further pursue her dreams of acting and modeling. In WWE Diva Search, she received fourth place for after competing with thousands of women across the country. She says she later looked for other roles outside of that industry after meeting her now ex-husband. In 2009, she became a radiologist, and now, as she says, “here we are.”

Hatch moved back in 2011 and worked to recruit patients for MRI’s but it wasn’t long before she branched out and opened Infinity Diagnostics.

Above is the spa’s sculpting pod. This machine is used to slim, tone, and tighten the body.

“I’ve built what I’ve built through previous employers and kind of took bits in pieces of it to create my own,” she said. “A lot of what I do is something that I learned from someone else.”

Hatch eventually opened up Infinity Med Spa in 2016 and right in the heart of Houston.

The spa’s services include pain injections, hydra facials, botox injections, body sculpting, massage therapy and so much more. And although it’s hard to tell, Hatch says she is still working to perfect the merge of beauty and health.

“The crossover isn’t as common,” she said. “I think we could have more patients convert from diagnostics to the med spa, but it’s just a matter of time when they see all the services we do have to offer.”

Hatch said a Beaumont MRI facility is set to open at the end of July and she also has a med spa location in The Woodlands.

In need of massage therapy? Here is where you’ll be! Types of massage services can include can include lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massages, prenatal, sports, and Swedish massages.

While running an empire seems to come naturally for Hatch, she works to find a balance in her everyday life.

“Right now, I’m trying to employ more people,” she said. “I have a really great team and I cross-train for them to handle things, so those things make me feel more balanced.”

When it comes to Hatching for Health, she aims to help children and youth by not only giving them a platform to discuss their disabilities, conditions, diseases, or disorders but by giving them the knowledge and advice on how to deal with these things as well. A taped show that started in her conference room eventually got the attention of NTV Houston. She holds casting calls for potential guests on the show and believes the most rewarding thing about seeing it grow is the children being able to openly have an outlet to discuss their symptoms and everyday life while overcoming some of these battles.

Hatch openly acknowledges that she didn’t get to where she is alone. With the help of her supportive father and her amazing mother, who works alongside her, she has been able to withstand the tedious yet rewarding journey. Her mother has a plethora of knowledge under her belt as a massage therapist and someone who has worked in the medical field for several years.

“I think the love that I have to share with people comes from the both of them,” she said.

A quick thinker, one thing Hatch says what she does sometimes is move quickly when it comes to what she wants. She’s had to ultimately figure out a lot of things along the way. With the right team and especially the right accountant, she said she has been able to stay on track when it comes to a lot.

What advice does Hatch have for a young woman looking to run successful businesses as she does?

“Perseverance and hard work— it takes a lot of it. Being dedicated to what you put your mind to,” she said. “I always say the body can achieve what the mind believes, and I’m a strong Christian woman, so I think it’s important to put God first. With whatever you are doing, always pray about it, and you’re really capable of anything you set your mind to.”

Another factor that she mentioned was doing things the “right way.”

“Don’t step on people’s toes or do things behind people’s back to get where you want to be, because it won’t work out for you the way you want it in the end. You won’t feel good about it.”

Looking to get a facial after a long day or a much-needed massage? Go see Jessica and her team at Infinity Med Spa located at 3310 Edloe Street, Suite 200 in Houston. For more information, go to or follow their Instagram page @infinity.medspa.


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