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  • Erica Ponder

Fierceness & Fortitude: Taraji P. Henson stars in new action film ‘Proud Mary,’ set to produce u

By: Erica M. Ponder

It’s no surprise that Taraji P. Henson delivers every time she is on the screen, which is why we are so excited and anxious to see her bring her new, upcoming roles to life.

During a Global Grind press event for Proud Mary, Henson announced that her production company, TPH Productions, will be producing a movie based on Emmett Till’s life called The Emmett Till Story. She will also have the honor of playing Mamie Till-Mobley, the mother of the teenaged boy from Chicago slain in Money, Mississippi after he was accused of whistling at a white woman. The woman later confessed to lying about the incident.

“We don’t have a start date yet, but the deal definitely has been done. That’s one (project) I’ve been passionate about since Trayvon Martin was murdered,” Henson told Global Grind. The film will also be directed by John Singleton. That right there is enough to get us happy! Needless to say, this has to be good.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 7.05.58 PM

Although a start date has not been announced, this may give us enough time to get our life, especially after watching Proud Mary, a thriller about a hit woman working in Boston.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 7.08.08 PM

“Mary, when you first meet her, is a contract killer for hire… She was homeless as a child. The streets and the gangs raised her. When she meets Danny [a young boy], she sees her life all over again and she wants out, for the sake of saving herself and this boy,” Henson said in an interview with Essence Magazine.

While you are waiting on further details about The Emmett Till Story, be sure to catch Proud Mary in theaters Friday, Jan. 12! Here is a trailer for the new drama, and believe me when I say it doesn’t look like she came to play! Check it out!


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