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  • Erica Ponder

Houston-based non-profit Society of Royals partners with celebrities, influencers to help inspire yo

HOUSTON (Press Release) — Houston-based non-profit Society of Royals has partnered with local Houston schools to provide encouraging letters to grade school kids around the city to keep them uplifted in these difficult times, where the youth are experiencing isolation, fear of the unknown, mental challenges, and more.

For 2022, Society of Royals has committed their efforts to prevent youth suicide as statistics have shown every 25 seconds a person commits suicide. With this effort in mind, the aim of the “Love Letters” is to let the youth know they are worthy, and that suicide isn’t an option.

Houston-based rappers, Slim Thug and DJ XO, National Media Personality Ferrari Simmons, National Recording Artist & American Idol Finalist Vincent Powell , and Viral Sensation Reggie Couz are of the many who are striving to give the kids a better tomorrow by teaching them the values of community support of today!


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