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  • Erica Ponder

From a Seed: Grammy-nominated artist A-Lex takes Houston media by storm with new music

HOUSTON — Last Thursday was filled with incredible music, great vibes, and liberating sounds for a celebration of artistry that is sure to withstand the tests of time.

Grammy-nominated artist, songwriter and producer A-Lex took some of Houston’s notable media personalities by storm as he shared a new catalog of music filled with rich instruments, southern-inspired bass and inspiring lyrics that blew guests away at his listening party for album From a Seed. In return, guests gave him some positive feedback that he’ll cherish forever.

Photo Cred: Andre Kelly

The body of work started with an intro from his late grandmother and took us on a musical journey we could enjoy all the way through. Having worked with the likes of Musiq Soulchild and KeKe Palmer, the Decatur, Georgia native showcased his undeniable talent of producing, singing and rapping. The triple threat surprised many and made it to where not one track was unenjoyable.

Photo Cred: Andre Kelly

Photo Cred: Andre Kelly

Not unfamiliar to the Houston area, A-Lex said he spontaneously found a love for music. With the support of friends and family, he took a keyboard and began creating magic with it. That love grew into something more as he worked with notable artists. Now, A-Lex is showcasing his music for his own namesake.

A-Lex introducing his new music from project From a Seed. Photo Cred: Andre Kelly

While all of the tracks are like his babies, “Another Son” and “From a Seed” are two songs that hit him to his core. “Deep Water” with KeKe Palmer is also a notable track on the project. A-Lex says his experience of working with the actress/singer again was a great experience as he wrote seven songs for her album.

Photo Cred: Andre Kelly

“Man, working with KeKe was a blast,” he admitted. “She’s so spontaneous, she’s so down to earth, and she’s welcoming.”

Erica Ponder from Empowered Expressions meets A-Lex for the first time.

A-Lex said when he asked Palmer to be a part of the project, she did it with “no question.”

“She just welcomed me from the moment it met her,” he said.

A-Lex says artists he wants to work with in the future are Doja Cat, Rich the Kid, and Pharrell, to name a few.

A-Lex pictured with his family and team. Photo Cred: Andre Kelly

From a Seed is set to release Sept. 30. To keep up with A-Lex’s new music and latest updates, follow him on Instagram @lexontheboard. To listen to more of A-Lex’s music, such as popular single “The Hook Up” and more, click here.


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