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  • Erica Ponder

Legendary Screwed Up Click Member Big Pokey releases new project ‘Sensei’ after a decade

HOUSTON (Press Release) — After a 10-year hiatus from releasing new music, Screwed Up Click’s, Big Pokey, has released his new project #Sensei featuring DJ XO, Devin The Dude, Chucky Trill, Lil’ KeKe, Lil’ O and more!

In celebration of the highly-anticipated album, Bar 5015 hosted a packed-out album listening party which featured custom Henna tattoos and fortune cookies that kept the crowd coming back for more.

When you think of legendary freestylers in Houston, it is without a doubt that one will name Big Pokey in their top 10. Milton Powell, better known by his stage name Big Pokey, is a native of Houston. The original Screwed Up Click member was born and raised in the Yellowstone area of the city.

In the early 90’s, Big Pokey began releasing freestyles on many of DJ Screw’s mixtapes. He is most known for his appearance on June 27th Freestyle, which is one of the most known screw tapes worldwide.

In the late 90’s, Big Pokey released his first full-length album entitled “Hardest Pit in the Litter.” This proclaimed “classic” was released by Universal Records. Early 2000’s, Big Pokey released D-Game 2000, which was well-received by fans from all over the world. As his career progressed, he collaborated with Wreckshop Records and released a collaborated album followed by the solo album titled “Da Sky’s Da Limit” in 2002. In 2008, Pokey dropped “Evacuation Notice,” which was released by Koch Records. The city of Houston came and showed out for this Houston Legend! Special guests Lil’ KeKe, former NFL player Vince Young, Killa Kyleon, and Lil’ O all stopped by to celebrate their fellow comrade’s accomplishments and to get a feel of why the world should call him “Sensei.”


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