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  • Erica Ponder

LeToya Luckett Talks About Black Successes, Love, New Projects and More


By: Erica M. Ponder

H-Town’s very own LeToya Luckett is continuing to build her empire one day at a time. From new roles to new music to new love, she is doing so with such grace, enthusiasm, and many heartfelt laughs that indicate she is reaping the benefits from years of hard work and growth, both on the screen and in her personal life.

Luckett is playing her first lead role on TV One’s new series, “Here We Go Again,” where she plays Maddy, a fierce lawyer and young mother who is trying to break the “Walker Women’s Curse” that has affected her and her mother Loretta, who is played by Wendy Raquel Robinson.

Luckett describes the plot of the show and topic of teenage pregnancy by saying, “We’re trying to create some awareness around it, yet add a comedic spin to it.” She further explained that the show sparks a “needed conversation.” She commented that “I think that a lot of young girls out here right now are doing it different… I felt in the first couple of episodes that it kind of teaches the lesson that ‘Okay, you wanna play grown-up early, this is what happens…’ I know that this is a show that people are going to relate to.” Although the character Maddy had to face a lot while being a mother at 16 to her daughter Shante (played by Kyndall Ferguson), the show still shows that there is a silver lining around every dark cloud. Maddy is a hard-working woman with her own practice, and a bouncy personality that just wants the best for her daughter, and later has another mishap of her own as she learns that she is pregnant yet again by her teenage daughter’s father, Victor (played by Andra Fuller)!

As she reflected on her own major accomplishments, Luckett also lit up while touching on the many successes of Blacks, telling Houston Style Magazine that many Black women have paved the way for her and countless others in both the music and acting industry. “It was a struggle for them to do what they loved to do, and because of their bravery and never giving up, I’m able to do what I do now, so I have so much to be proud of,” she affirmed. She is even in support of the many African-American entertainers that are boycotting the Oscars. She explained that “I’m glad someone took a stand and said ‘Hey, you know what, what happened to diversity? What happened to people wanting to be able to look at their TVs and relate to who they’re watching?’” Although she herself hopes to have the honor of winning an Oscar one day, she is undeniably proud of the bravery that is being displayed.

And when talking about her success, its impossible to not include her relationship and engagement to writer and world-proclaimed “Heart Healer” Rob Hill, Sr. Blushing, Luckett revealed that “I’m very happy. It’s something I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted to be a wife and a mom, and I’m very lucky to have the man that I have, and he’s great. I love that people admire him for the work that he does.” The couple seems to be bond by a strong appreciation for love, communication and trust.

Please don’t get it twisted and think that acting has exactly replaced Luckett’s love for music. She excitedly revealed to Houston Style Magazine that she would be releasing a single from her third solo album entitled “Until Then…” Be on the lookout for Luckett’s new single, and tune in to the premiere of “Here We Go Again” on Feb. 9th on TV One at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. You won’t want to miss it!

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