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Nephew Tommy honors veterans while celebrating 54th birthday, talks joining forces with wife on ‘Rea

Photo Cred: TFLU Photography

HOUSTON — Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles celebrated his 54th birthday on Sunday, May 16 at Five Central, and lately, the Ready to Love host has a lot to celebrate. Miles had a private celebration that included a VIP red carpet experience, live music, complimentary lite-bites, dancing, and more. Special guests such as Troy McAlister, Bryan Carroll, Alexis “Fly” Jones, and Jay Bradley from the RTL cast, as well as Chef Derrick, and more were in attendance. In addition, event host Carl Payne joined the red carpet alongside Tommy and recording artist B. Taylor. 

Photo Cred: TFLU Photography

Although the event was a celebration, it was also a way to assist in raising funds for veterans that are in need. Tommy is passionate about people who have formerly served in the military as it is the primary focus of his non-profit, Miles of Giving. The mission of Miles of Giving is to provide a critical service that directly grants financial assistance to veterans and their families. Through direct payments to a veteran, he cut out middlemen that can often delay services needed by veterans and their caregivers.

Photo Cred: TFLU Photography

Photo Cred: TFLU Photography

Photo Cred: TFLU Photography

Photo Cred: TFLU Photography

And while this initiative is amazing, it is one of many things Miles is doing right now. The Ready to Love host has joined forces with his wife Jacqueline of 20 years for the show’s fourth season, which is being filmed in the Bayou City. Miles revealed he fell for Jacqueline in 1986, when they met in college at Texas A&M University. After years of touring the country, Tommy reconnected with Jacqueline and the couple rekindled their romance in the mid-90s. Now, they are happily married with three children.

“We always remained friends, so that right there is the foundation of what we have now,” Jacqueline said. “Life just brought us back full-circle.”

Tommy and Jacqueline Miles

The couple has been fortunate enough to show cast members a healthy marriage and longevity in a relationship while helping them to navigate the dating world. Jacqueline said she was excited to bring a female perspective to the show. “Working together, it’s something new for us, so I’m definitely making adjustments,” Tommy said. “It’s rewarding, especially for the kids to see mom and dad on the TV screen together.”

Tommy and Jacqueline have also taken their talents to the kitchen table for breakfast with a new grits company that will launch this summer. From sweet to savory, Just Good Gritz is an ode to Tommy’s country roots. For more information, go to

Though Tommy is known to be the King of Prank Calls, he showed a more serious side at the end of 2020 with the release of the YouTube video titled “An America without Black People.” From the deaths of Breonna Taylor to George Floyd, Tommy and his friend Avery Williams created the video as a response to the injustices many Black Americans face at the hands of the police.

“We came up with ‘An America without Black People’ to show what it would be like, what you would be missing, what’s not there,” he said. “I don’t think America is America at all when you don’t have Black people to exist in it.”

Tune in to Ready to Love every Friday at 9/8 CT on OWN Network.


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