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  • Erica Ponder

Notable Hip-Hop platform launches app to help independent artists stream their music & music vid

HOUSTON (Press Release) — With over a decade of experience in the hip hop community, HipHop Streets has been committed to helping underground artists find their voice, receive recognition, and showcase their talents. HipHop Streets platform has covered local and national events featuring now well-known artists such as Megan The Stallion, Haroldlujah, Erica Banks, Euro Gotit, and Marissa and many other familiar faces. It has always been a mission to highlight and spotlight artists that may not receive media coverage for their talents.

HipHop Streets is officially launching their app which is a 24/7 streaming platform where underground and independent artists will have an opportunity to have their music streamed. Many underground artists do not get the opportunities to be on major streaming platforms; therefore this is an awesome opportunity to reach a plethora of people through a strategic marketing push. The app will also feature music videos, podcasts, blogs, and special events. It’s an awesome way for independent artists to market their talents. “I have always been an advocate for independent artists throughout the country. It’s a passion of mine to help cultivate the HipHop community by providing valuable resources for talent that may be unseen. This app is something that I’ve been working on for a while and I’m excited to provide new opportunities for talented people”– CEO of HipHop Streets, Marquis Jonkins.

About HipHop Streets: Established in 2017, HipHopStreets is the first world-wide platform catered to the underground hip hop artist. What makes HipHopStreets unique is the way artists are connected to listeners. Unlike major streaming platforms, where aspiring artists can become lost in the saturated genre of Hip Hop, HipHopStreets categorizes each style of Hip Hop which allows listeners to discover the exact type of artist that relates to them. Which in return, allows those artists to connect with a potential fan base. By also creating a mobile app to enhance artists’ presence around the world, HipHopStreets are also promoting every artist in every Hip Hop market around the world in which those artists may not have the means to reach.

HipHopStreets helps to ease some of the pressure of marketing and promoting for an artist. Not only is HipHopStreets a mobile app but also a unique platform that hosts podcasts, interviews, blogs, showcases; As well as having a presence at major music conferences. HipHopStreets has also been credited with giving an artist the opportunity to be on a Netflix special entitled Rhythm and Flow with the likings of Cardi B, T.I., and Chance The Rapper.


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