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‘The past is never dead’: Houston celebrates co-star London Boyce for landing first movie role in Li

HOUSTON — Houston rolled out the pink carpet for child star London Boyce Saturday after she debuted in her first movie role for Lionsgate thriller Antebellum. The Buffalo Soldiers Museum was covered in pink, purple, and sparkles as guests gathered to celebrate London’s first of many major roles.

London, who is nothing short of sweet, beautiful, and ambitious, plays Kennedy, the daughter of Veronica Henley (played by Janelle Monae), who finds herself trapped in a reality that looks shockingly identical to that of her ancestors’. The author and activist is forced to find a way out of her current conditions in order to make it home to her family, but will she make it out?

TJ speaks, tells jokes ahead of the screening Photo Credit: Andre Kelly

The celebration began with a few words and comedy from London’s brother TJ Boyce, who said he was proud of his little sister, jokingly mentioning the fact she was featured in a film before him. All jokes aside, TJ, who is 14, said it was great to see another addition to Black Hollywood. TJ said he knew his sister had what it took to be in the movie and entertainment industry while watching her film the movie in New Orleans.

“I just hope that she loves it,” TJ said. “Young stars, you know, they sizzle out, they stop loving it, and I just encourage London to continue to love it.”

Photo Credit: Andre Kelly London was all smiles with her big brother TJ Boyce

When asked what he loved most about his sister, the (little) woman of the hour answered for him— “I’m beautiful,” she replied while listening to the interview. Of course, her big brother agreed.

While watching this film, TJ said he wants people to understand that “it is true that the black woman is the most mistreated person in America.”

“A lot of people don’t really want to know that fact, they don’t want to come to terms with it, but it’s very true,” he continued. “And once we come to terms with that, we can find a way to fix it.”

Thomas Boyce II was a proud father as he expressed how grateful he was for the support they had and how excited he was about the new film. When asked about when he knew London was a star, Thomas lit up, saying London has been a special child since the beginning.

“She’s just so sweet and has such a bright personality,” he said.

He revealed although TJ was into acting first, London was discovered during a trip to L.A. when someone asked who she was.

“We signed her up with an agent, her very first audition was Antebellum, and she landed a major motion picture,” Thomas said. “It’s a blessing.”

The family has willingly made sacrifices for both TJ and London during this journey, which has allowed them the freedom to follow their dreams.

“It’s just a grind,” Thomas said. “But we love them, we’re there for them, and they have us 100,000%.”

London with her mother, father and brother ahead of the Antebellum movie screening Photo Credit: Andre Kelly

London was nothing short of thrilled to reveal that her time filming was “amazing.” When asked about her role, London said Kennedy is smart, loves dinosaurs and enjoys science. London didn’t hold back when expressing her excitement of working with Janelle Monae.

Photo Credit: Andre Kelly Erica Ponder of Empowered Expressions interviewing child actress and author London Boyce

Erica Ponder and London Boyce

“It was fun, because I got to sit on her lap, I got to jump on the bed, and she gave me kisses,” she revealed. “She’s very nice.”

London gracing the pink carpet with a few of her friends and family members Photo Credit: Andre Kelly

Later on in the evening, Thomas expressed how he was motivated by the movie’s message and the recent happenings in the world. He gave guests an exclusive first look at his new music video “Ghetto America,” which is set to be released within the next couple of weeks.

The exclusive premiere of ‘Ghetto America’ Photo Credit: Andre Kelly

Although movie theaters have been closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the screening embodied a similar experience as guests were able to enjoy popcorn, hotdogs, nachos and candy. The night concluded with an applause for London’s amazing performance and words of congrats from Thomas.

Photo Credit: Andre Kelly

On the way out, attendees were able to purchase London’s new book, “Wonder London: I Hate My Curly Hair” and have it signed by the budding star. Photo Credit: Andre Kelly


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