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  • Erica Ponder

Time’s Up: Oprah accepts Cecil B. DeMille Award, gives empowering, memorable speech at Golden Globes

By: Erica M. Ponder

The 75th Golden Globes was filled with so much magic and excitement as Oprah Winfrey shook the audience and spectators from all over the world with her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Officially the first black woman recipient of the award, Winfrey started off with a recollection of the legendary Sidney Poitier. “In 1964, I was a little girl sitting on the linoleum floor of my mother’s house in Milwaukee watching Anne Bancroft present the Oscar for best actor at the 36th Academy Awards. She opened the envelope and said five words that literally made history. ‘The winner is Sidney Poitier.’ Up to the stage came the most elegant man I had ever seen. I remember his tie was white and of course, his skin was black. And I’d never seen a black man being celebrated like that.” Years later, Poitier became a recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Little did she know, she would receive that same honor one day as well.

Oprah’s speech had many chanting “Oprah for President” as she mentioned notable names, such as Recy Taylor and Rosa Parks, and talked about how she no longer wants women to say “Me too,” but instead declare “Time is up!” Will she run? “It’s up to the people,” Stedman Graham, Oprah’s longtime partner, told the Los Angeles Times.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 5.30.16 PM

And of course Miss O reminded us why every strong woman needs a solid support system. Best friend Gayle King and Graham were there as she was celebrated for all of her amazing contributions to the entertainment industry over the years. Shout out to the beautiful Ava DuVernay for her love and support as well!

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Watch the speech that will be remembered for years to come. You can also click here to read the full speech.


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