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  • Erica Ponder

Wendy Williams takes a break from her ‘Hot Topics’ as she battles with Graves’ dis

By: Erica M. Ponder

After a wake-up call from her physician, Wendy Williams has announced she will take a much needed hiatus from her popular talk show.

The shock came this Wednesday as Williams told viewers she will be taking three weeks off from her show to focus on her health.

Known for rarely taking a break, Wendy was of course upset, telling viewers, “My doctor has prescribed, are you ready? As of today, three weeks of vacation.” The revelation resulted in a shocked, yet supportive response from audience members.

Wendy didn’t shy away from her hyperthyroid and Graves’ disease issues, telling audience members she has cancelled doctors appointments for business meetings she deemed as “very important.”

While many are shocked, we can’t forget about the fainting spell/scare she had in October of last year. This break was obviously much needed.

Let this be a lesson to all of us– self care is important. Take time to be the best you in every aspect– physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. As she stated in Wednesday’s show, “If we’re not good, they’re not good.”

We wish Wendy the best as she embarks on this journey of rest, optimum health, and coming back better than ever! See you in three weeks, lady!

Take a look at her full message here!


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